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From the Leading Knight 01/01/2020

Hi everyone. Hope your Christmas and New Year’s with your families was a happy one.

We had another great month here in our new location. We have some upcoming events to share.

We held our annual Hoop Shoot on December 21st. It was one of our bigger turn outs. And for the fourth year in a row, we have a brother and sister (Julie and Jason Hull) from Maupin take the honors again. They will be heading to Hermiston January 5th for the next round. I would like to thank Steve and Patti Gillette, Lee Kaseberg, Mark Watts, and Terry Schumacher for putting this annual event on again.

January 11th we are having a “Garage Sale”. It’s a buy in for $10.00 per table. Come out and enjoy all of the sale items.

January 17th we will be cooking hamburgers and fries from 5-6:30. Come out and enjoy.

I would like to thank Mr. Mark Watts for all of the work and hours he has been putting in getting to old building ready for renting out. He has put in hundreds of hours in the kitchen area alone. Thanks Mark!!

Beside these events the Eagles have nonstop events almost every day and weekends, come out and enjoy all.

Deryl Leonard, Leading Knight

From the Trustees 01/01/2020

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I trust that everyone had a great Christmas holiday and that everyone is home safe and sound from their travels throughout the holidays. I was out of town for the joint Christmas dinner at the Eagles and I trust that everyone had a good time.

We only have Four months until the lodge year is over and new officers are to be installed. As I’m going to be the ER this next year, I’m going to need everyone who can contribute a little bit of help, to step up and let me know how you can help. Without new people and new members putting in their time to help us move forward we will certainly fade away as a lodge. That is not acceptable. We’ve all worked to hard to keep this lodge going.

All charitable organizations are run and operated by volunteers. We need more volunteers to do small things together, so it doesn’t land on just a few people to support the charities that we all took an oath to support.

So, give call me and make whatever commitment you can to help move us forward. Even if it’s just to help with a meal or two or to help with an event, setting up chairs or even doing a friend a favor by introducing him or her to the charities that we serve and asking them to join us.

I have asked for all of your help before and had very little response from anyone other than the few people that I have been serving with for the last seven years. We cannot do it by ourselves.

If I do not get some help from our new members as well as the old ones, then I’m afraid I will be stepping down as one of your officers. Which would be a tragedy for our future and our charities. My personal phone number is 541-980-9032.

Please step up and grab our flag of fraternal brotherhood and give of your time so we can grow. And as we do, I have no doubt that it will only get easier and better for everyone.

I trust that my words are heard and understood by everyone as a plea to help keep alive the lodge that all of our forefathers have worked so diligently to build, so it can provide a much needed source of help to our community and national charities.

I truly love what we do for the community and don’t want to see that go away, but it takes all of us to keep it alive.

Let’s have a record year this coming year and try to double our numbers. If we shoot for double, the worst we can do is fall short but that is still growth. Not having a goal will always result in nothing happening and thus no growth.

I know if we work together that great things are ahead of us as a lodge. Let’s make the great heart of The BPOE swell and be proud that we were a part of it all. I’ll see you all at the lodge.

Your Chairman of the Trustees, Mark Watts